The Trading Strategy for sale

The Scalper with a ten-year history:

  • Income for 10 years
  •   1560.93%;
  • The average annual income
  •   156.09%;
  • Maximal drawdown
  •   22.83%.
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Why to choose PAMM investments on Forex?

Lots of people know of Forex Investment income. Let’s look at what ways of investing are preferable and what their advantages are.

Forex advantages for an investor

As a rule, prospective Forex investors find very convenient the following aspects:

  • Remoteness (no need in personal presence);
  • No need in personal control of transacting and making income;
  • Profit margin and timeframes (as opposed to bank deposits profit making is much quicker and of greater volume. So, Forex monthly income may equal annual income from bank deposit).

Very often, Forex investments are considered to be only a financial help and not main earning.

PAMM account

In recent times PAMM investment has become more popular. PAMM allows trader transacting investors’ funds and allocating income.

PAMM accounts pros:

  • Any calculation mistake is ruled out. All the systems are automated;
  • Security – PAMM manager has no right or possibility of enjoying investors’ funds. He may only transact them;
  • Freedom to act – if an investor is not satisfied with the manager’s trading he is entitled to withdraw his capital from PAMM account (on trader’s conditions).

Peculiarities of stable PAMM account

Before investing it is better to consider PAMM accounts of those managers who trade conservatively (not aggressively or risky). The manager must have a certain trading strategy and show positive aspects of his trading within at least the last six months. While choosing PAMM to invest one should consider only facts. It is clear that a trader can’t manage investments if he isn’t able to control his own emotions. During a long and deep drawdown he can increase the number of transactions to pull through difficult situation. In this case, the risk of total loss increases greatly.

PAMM stability can be shown by a profit-risk ratio. If small lots are transacted with the minimum risk, profit will be small and stable. But competent trading can increase profiting.