The Trading Strategy for sale

The Scalper with a ten-year history:

  • Income for 10 years
  •   1560.93%;
  • The average annual income
  •   156.09%;
  • Maximal drawdown
  •   22.83%.
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The Trading Strategy for sale

The trading strategy is unique, fully developed from scratch by our experts.

This is night scalper on the crosses of the main currency pairs.

Stable operation since 2003. Only 1 year out of 10 was unprofitable, losses totaled 22.83%.

The strategy is fully automated, independent of the fundamental factors.

Automatic money management.

Requirement to leverage 1:50.

Requirements for quotations: ecn, spreads are less than 4 points.

Risks can be increased in 2 times with the leverage of 1:100. In this case the yield for 10 years is over 3000% without reinvestment i.e on the assumption of withdrawal after each successful transaction.

Wanted only exclusive sale of single copy with execution of all documents, including non-disclosure agreement.

The cost of the trading strategy is $800,000.

The trading strategy operation from 2003 to 2012 is given below.