The Trading Strategy for sale

The Scalper with a ten-year history:

  • Income for 10 years
  •   1560.93%;
  • The average annual income
  •   156.09%;
  • Maximal drawdown
  •   22.83%.
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About Commissions

By registering at IFG Partnership Program you open new opportunities of extra income. It does not demand any funds. Once having involved new Investor to our account you get your commission till the Investor cooperates with us and makes profit. Total Client’s income and, correspondingly, yours are calculated by the end of every trading week, on Friday at 17:00 GMT. Your income calculation and depositing it to your personal account is performed automatically by Broker.

Conditions of Commission Charging:

  • Withdrawing of investment or closing of Investor’s account.
  • End of trading interval (set for account).
  • Roll-over completion (funds deposit and withdrawal).
  • Account elimination.

Profitability Calculation

Depending on invested sums you draw the following interest of Company’s income:

  • from $10 000 – 15%.
  • from $100 000 – 20%.

The Commission will be deposited to your Personal Account. We set no limits for funds to be withdrawn. So you can receive all gained income at once and, if you want, you can invest the sum to accounts interesting for you.

You can cooperate with us on special conditions becoming VIP partner of IFG.


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