The Trading Strategy for sale

The Scalper with a ten-year history:

  • Income for 10 years
  •   1560.93%;
  • The average annual income
  •   156.09%;
  • Maximal drawdown
  •   22.83%.
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VIP conditions of Partnership Program

Many people consider taking part in partnership programs to be a futile business. However, you have an opportunity to make money becoming a regular partner (IB) of the IFG Company. IBs work with our company on special terms and get VIP status.

Cooperation scheme

The partner-agent cooperation with IFG is based on system of individual transactions: Agent finds a client (Investor) and gets from 15% up to 20% of Company’s income. In case you are the VIP partner (IB) of the Company our cooperation is built on regular bases and becomes the major source of income. Both natural person and body corporate can be VIP partners. If necessary the official contract is set up with IB to mark the minimal investment sum which Partner needs to involve to the IFG Company during the reporting period. The sum is agreed with VIP partner in private depending on his possibilities: the number of business and friendly contacts, personal web-resource, etc. The investment volume made by every single client has no importance: only total sum of all investors involved during the reporting period is taken into account. Under this figure the partnership fee is calculated the volume of which can equal 40% of Company’s aggregate income.

Who can become the IFG VIP partner:

  • Successful traders, financiers, investment consultants.
  • Insurance and advertising companies with big client data base and their agents.
  • The owners of popular web-sites with high conversion.
  • People with lots of contacts: lawyers, tutors, doctors, realtors, tourist agents and representatives of network companies.

Besides, VIP partners (IB) have an opportunity to create the second level of Partnership Program. If you have possibility of involving other people (colleagues, inferiors) into finding prospective clients they automatically become the second-level partners earning you extra profit.


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